Thursday, May 17, 2012

Homemade Honey & Oil Hair Mask

Here's a great homemade hair mask that I use to not only condition my hair, but to increase it's shine as well. It takes only 2 ingredients and 30 minutes.

Put 5 tbsp olive oil and 4 tbsp honey in a microwave safe bowl. (Add the olive oil first, that way the honey will glide right off the spoon.) If you have short hair, you can half the amounts.

Microwave honey and oil. I microwave it for 30 seconds, but microwave it to a temperature that works for you. Mix to combine.

Add to hair and scalp and cover your head with a shower cap. If you don't have a shower cap, a plastic bag works great. After 20 minutes, shampoo out. (It may take two shampooing to get all the mask out.)

Prepare yourself for some incredible hair that cost only pennies to get!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Easy, Homemade Topiary/Mother's Gift Idea

Topiaries are beautiful pieces of living sculpture that bring beauty to a garden, deck, or house. They can be a bit pricey if you buy them premade at the store, which is a shame because they can be quick, easy, and cheap to make.

To any fathers of young children reading this blog, this is also a great Mother's Day gift idea to help your kids make for mommy.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a heart shaped topiary.
You'll need an ivy, metal hanger, a pot w/soil, and a pair of pliers. Optional:floral wire and a stick
Using the pliers, straighten the hook of the hanger. Use the pliers and your hands to shape the rest of the hanger into a heart shape. The heart doesn't have to be perfect because the frame will be covered by the ivy.
You can push the hanger directly into the pot until the heart portion of the hanger touches the soil, or, you can secure the hanger to a stick with floral wire, (or twine, fishing line, etc) and push the stick into the soil.  
Plant the ivy in the pot and carefully wind it around the heart frame. Check your ivy once or twice a week and wind any new growth around the frame. Ivy grows quickly, so you should have a full topiary in a few weeks time. You can leave your topiary outside.
Or bring it inside.
If young kids will be making this for Mother's Day, obliviously, there are some steps they will need help with, (anything to do with pliers), but they will have a blast picking out the ivy from the nursery and helping wind the ivy around the frame. This will be a gift any mother would be proud to show off for years to come.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easy Ice Cream that the Kiddies can Make

Nothing is easier than going to the grocery store and picking up a 1/2 gallon of vanilla ice cream; nothing is more fun to eat than ice cream you made yourself.

For this easy recipe, you'll need:
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 cup of any combination of milk and cream - I like 1/4 cup whole milk and 1/4 cup light cream
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Pinch of salt

1 quart sized Ziploc bag
1 gallon sized Ziploc bag - Use a freezer bag if you have it, it's thicker, therefore stronger
6 tablespoons rock salt

1 - Put the sugar, milk/cream, vanilla, and salt in the quart sized bag; seal.
2 - Fill the gallon sized bag half-way with ice; add rock salt.
3 - Put the quart sized bag inside the gallon sized one and shake about 5 minutes.
4 - Wipe the top of the quart sized bag and spoon out the ice cream.
5 - Enjoy some delicious, soft-serve vanilla ice cream.

I did this outside just in case the gallon sized bag ripped.
A very happy Archer mixing his ice cream.
A very happy Archer eating his ice cream.

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